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Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgeries


When surgery is needed, an approach allowing more rapid recovery and less pain is preferable whenever possible. At Urogynecology and Advanced Pelvic Surgery, we offer patients state-of-the-art surgical care for gynecology. Dr. Kiley has been performing challenging and intricate laparoscopic surgery for over two decades, and is expert at advanced hysteroscopic techniques as well. She is also a skilled robotic surgeon, performing many procedures each month at Jupiter, Good Samaritan, Palm Beach Gardens, and Boca Raton Regional Hospitals. This, combined with meticulous vaginal surgical skills, allows Dr. Kiley to provide minimally invasive surgical options for the vast majority of her patients needing surgery.

There is no need to suffer in silence. You are not alone!

Types of Surgeries:

  • Laparoscopy (one or more tiny incisions in the navel and abdomen)
  • Robotic laparoscopy (the use of the surgical robot to perform laparoscopic surgery) including single-site robotic laparoscopy (where only one incision is made)
  • Vaginal surgery (procedure done exclusively or primarily through the vagina)
  • Abdominal laparotomy (larger incision in the abdomen)
  • Vulvar surgery (repair or correction of problems of the external genitals)
  • * This is not an exhaustive list of the surgeries that Dr. Kiley performs.
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