Please note that effective April 1, 2021 we will no longer be accepting insurance. We will be a fee for service practice only.

Concierge Medicine Specialist

Palm Beach Center for Pelvic Health: Linda A Kiley, MD

Urogynecologist located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The Palm Beach Center for Pelvic Health now offers Concierge Medicine. The Concierge Medicine model allows a more personalized experience with your doctor, by offering prestigious services at minimal to no wait times.

Concierge Medicine


What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine, also known as direct primary care, is an alternative to traditional healthcare. A fee-based care model, it allows for a closer link between the patient and the provider. This model motivates preventive and proactive care, at an affordable primary care cost. Please find further information and our Concierge medicine contract under 'Patient Information.' Contact us today to learn more!

What concierge services does the Palm Beach Center for Pelvic Health provide?

  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Direct access via mobile phone
  • Facilitate communication
  • Longer doctor visits
  • Minimal to no wait times
  • Special discounts on selected merchandise or services

What do we offer?

  • Vaginal laser therapy for vaginal atrophy
  • Treatment for incontinence, overactive bladder and accidental bowel leakage
  • Treatment for painful bladder and vaginal symptons
  • Robotic and laparoscopic surgery
  • Mesh removal and recurrent prolapse repairs
  • Menopause management, including pelleted therapy;


Dr. Linda Kiley, MD will assess your specific situation and help you determine which treatment is best for your needs.